Monday, November 13, 2006

it is raining. the earth is cooling. go to
migration media to read trevor's musings on 'it had wings' as well as his project Teith. in addition, a strange and wondrous fellow in Germany has offered to distribute my tapes, feltbattery vols. l,ll,&lll. They should be available this week from mediademorte.
Also, John from Nightpass Handmade Records says nice things here about feltbattery's sound.

I will make noises on Wednesday, November 22, at the Nightlight bar+club+love cave+apothecary as opener for Volcano the Bear. make this your last purging moment before Thanksgiving's comedy of food. these fellows are not to be missed and come from the middle of Britain for our peculiar pleasures. don't forget to layer,

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

so this is fall...mending shoes and patching pants, collecting leaves and soldering...there's a clarity to autumn that moves life along, an engine:
this saturday 10.14 at NIGHTLIGHT Feltbattery with out-of-towners The Furniture/Cassette Concret/Dandelion Fiction/Cristal/To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie=$6, that's $1 per band! all of these folks are going to bring it like its October (check NIGHTLIGHT for details). i promise ferric experiments and plenty of saliva+pic-ups. come around 10:30pm.
good luck foul paws, benjamin

Friday, September 29, 2006

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autumn has arrived. sweaters in the morning-sweating by midday-come listen and mold beeswax with me at Bickett Gallery tomorrow night, September 30th, beginning at about 9:00pm.
This is a release party for Phon's CD, The Orm, implicit wonder and beauty-bring your ears, stomachs and livers.
see you there,

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

here is a peak at the art for 'it had wings':

welcome to migrations and September

Friday, August 11, 2006

i just got the finished deal-feltbattery IT HAD WINGS _migration media 05. you may order a CD from Trevor at MM by going to migration media and following the link to his email. all the info is wrong on the site and your best bet is going to a Red Sparrowes or Pelican show in the next few months and checking the merch table. if you want, you can also order one through me but it might take awhile. The disc itself is beautiful and i'm psyched that its finally done-its a silver disc w/ art and title printed in black on the disc-sleeve is Xeroxed business that i pieced together, printed on stock and all packaged in sweet vellum envelopes-
bask in summer's remnants,

Thursday, July 13, 2006

life has reached the melted haze of midsummer
purging all the body's poison
sweating, crying, oxidating-
feltbattery CD hasn't made it out into the wider world. yet.
i have crafted a new feltbattery tape (volume III),
47 minutes worth of broke air conditioners intoned by dulcimers and epileptic ukes et al. 23.5 minutes per side. go to feltbattery's permanent home
and click on TOUCH to buy a tape or trade-
so....'Nagas' cassettes, bicycle building, historia de america latina, metal scraping metal, compost, blind love and falafel.
love to all

Thursday, May 25, 2006

hey all,
feltbattery action went off well, some magic moments, some fist-clenched 'i hate computer' moments as well. Jason's visual work dovetailed nicely with the sounds emitted. i performed on a stage (w/ a real live monitor) which was strange. all in all it was transmutation, sublime, and i got to eat a hard boiled egg in the midst of it all. The entire weekend caused a shift in the way i have been thinking about actions. Although I'm still not converted to watching 'modern dance' i did gain an insight into my own need to utilize my body during performances. basically i need to use the best instrument i have (voice/corpus) instead of depending too heavily on techno-trickery-so i have been getting to know my body again- it seems like this is also the character of spring into summer, waking up the frosted bits and getting back into the psychical.
'it had wings' is still due out in June. i made some CDRs to give out until the official packaged business is done. i gave one to my mom and she says its good music to cook to. other than that, stephanie and i are slowly amending our soil (she tilled for three evenings straight) and preparing to plant. i found a pink-bellied snake in the leaf mold pile. everything is opening, blossoming, and bubbling-black-bottomed feet summer is coming....
ps: I have given in and posted songs on mySpacE. now all my songs can be downloaded and used for diaper commercials!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

welcome to May. i hope everyone is having a good spring so far. it looks like 'it had wings' will be packaged and produced in mid June. Trevor is on tour until then and we figured there was no hurry. i'm excited about the release though, especially the visuals which are mutated birds and such that i drew/photocopied etc. My best of friends Jordan Lieb mastered the recordings in Brooklyn and we passed all the files back and forth in this strange computer ether world until they were just right. i suppose this is what an opossum feels like, having a baby in a pouch that's not quite ready to be birthed-so look out for an anouncement in June about how to get a hold of these little creatures....
in other news, feltbattery is still slated for a May 19th action at Local 506. the piece will be called VITRIOL and concerns the alchemical process-it will be a joint venture between myself and Jason Meeks, local filming man and epileptic drummer. we'll be playing earlier in the evening so bring the kids and come join the Great Work.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

here is an occasional nonplace to read and listen and see the happenings of feltbattery. there are other outposts in this universe; the feltbattery proper, for instance, but this one will be updated more frequently.
i will be doing an action on May 19th at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill as part of Soundscape Movement Fest.
The night will involve felbattery collaborating w/ a visual magician, plus:

AM Salad (experimental noise musician from Baltimore)
Investigating public spaces project (documentary
style=multimedia projex)
Alisa Cardone-Boston based video/dance artist
Followed by Robo Sapien-dance/music group!

Also, there are plans to hatch a CD next month (May). Trevor (often found roaming the earth as guitarist in Pelican) has been kind enough to offer to put out a CD which is tenatively entitled 'it had wings' on his burgeoning migrationmedia imprint. the record is a series of mutated bird songs, hacked apart by analog and digital means and sewn back together to suggest some kind of avian refugee survival kit for then, now and when....keep yer ears peeled.