Tuesday, November 13, 2007

There is a beautiful little being living in our house. His feet are perfect. This new wave of life has taken over and I am in it-Little else is happening around here save snail-like movements towards a new cycle of sounds and lots of third grade revelations. Some kind musings about feltbattery appeared today in Paper Thin Walls. Meanwhile, Samuel casts a calm cloud around the house, all sounds and actions are amplified. I can't wait to take him outside, let him hear his first birdsong or eat his first mouthful of dirt. Dirt....mmmm.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Now the gnomes digest the dead husk of summer-this is our time-expositions are over for now and autumn calls me back to ferric work. I sent out a batch of rough insect recordings to my swarm. Over the next few months, as I prepare to be a father, I hope these crude messages will be translated by all the other ears and organs of friends. I am also encouraging visual art folks to start brainstorming for a multiple cover edition of the insect CD when it is released. Trevor intimated a vague plan for this but needs the capital-so that means it may take awhile. But I have plenty of time-And meanwhile, I am refining the rough recordings in anticipation of folding them back into the remixed tranmissions I recieve-All of this between failing computers and a beautiful woman with a blossoming belly. Steal yourselves-

Saturday, July 14, 2007

We are here nestled in the deep of summer-the corn is ready to pick and the crickets have reached an astounding volume. I am preparing for summer travels. First north and then across the ocean to work with a wise wise woman. Brian Howe wrote a piece in the Independent about feltbattery. I learn more every time I read a prismatic ray gleaned from my sound work. Recording has commenced for a new sound action that I hope to reveal in late August at a show with Rah Dunes from San Fransisco. These guys are going in some wind-swept terraplane voyager type direction and should not be missed. Keep breathing....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

picking beets. picking tomatoes. independence. summer opens her arms and everything is warm. the insects are building a monument out of consonants. I am listening. there are plans to play a show in late August in Chapel Hill, hopefully outdoors. Meanwhile, Trevor has more copies of "it had wings" at migration media. get you some before they all disappear. enjoy the warmth quality.....

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The days are beginning to simmer and soon the strawberries will be gone. After getting acupuncture, I have the blessed feeling that the air has been let out of my tires. Vision blurs and sounds tune in and out. The approaching end of school means a return to sweat and outdoor adventures. I took a short trip up to Asheville to see old friends and found the place alien to me. There are good people there but I felt as if I was being sized up like a piece of real estate. I did talk to an old friend about bees and he explained an old technique that beekeepers are using again to attract wild bees and help them propagate. We need more of this. Our survival is linked to the fragile lives of these creatures. The ever mysterious Brian wrote a review for It Had Wings forThe Pitchfork-it feels as though people are listening and perhaps not just people. I am grateful for all the ears out there, no matter how small. I'm getting excited about the seasons changing.The world is unfolding to greet me. Best summer drink: 1 part iced yerba mate w/ honey, 1 part lemonade, 1 part water (chill and serve).

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring is creeping in, soggy toes and green everywhere. A guy named Will came to our house and interviewed me. A couple hours worth of footage later and he turned out this bit of editing magic for a local TV show. I really like the news anchor's response to my zoological disco references. I've been paying attention to the colony collapse situation with our friends the bees and listening to the forest with all my little second graders. So much life and so much death. It is Spring after all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A friendly ghost at Pitchfork Media wrote about ‘It Had Wings’ for the 'Forkcast' section of the site. It makes me wonder how these sounds would have turned out if I had grown up in Hillsborough. I have been listening to Ellen Fullman and dreaming about building a long string instrument to be played outside. Buy this record now.
Incidentally, the house finches that inspired the piece ‘a house finch’ on It Had Wings have returned to nest in the rafters of my porch. I am going to try to record them again and perhaps make a video. So spring is on in full force. Look out for feltbattery happenings in May-June and a split cassette between feltbattery and fellow etheric kinsman Myth Trees. Drink mint tea.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring has come in the South and everyone is crawling out of their caves. Meanwhile, Meudiamorte is distributing my cassette releases in Europe. Its actually the only place to buy these on line. All tapes are lo-fi forest electronics from my days amongst the deers. They are roughly chronological records of my escape from Georgia- Order one from Pascal because he is a good fellow and runs a great mail order deal. so long.....

Friday, February 16, 2007

Eating squashes and tubers and weathering the last bits of southern winter: there is a feltbattery song, called "sundog" on a compilation from some good folks in Chapel Hill, Austin and Arkansas. Go here for more business about these rad peoples. i'm off to brooklyn to record some noises with an old friend and have a short vacation. feels like regressing back into winter. there are other plans to release a cassette split with Myth Trees from Sacramento this spring and my buddy Zak (aka Caural) is commencing to work on a collaboration we freaked out last August (see pictures here). it will be a cut-up dialog built on the foundation of those sweaty summer sounds.
canned tomatoes for everyone,