Sunday, August 31, 2008

Autumn is almost here and as I hunker down for the year feltbattery will make one more action in space on September 6 at Eaglewing Farm in Chapel Hill. We will be opening for a cycledelic tour featuring Kurt Weisman of Feathers and Horaflora from San Fransisco. These guys are touring on bicycles and playing only what they can carry! Also playing is Matt Bauer who is a banjo playing fellow hailing from Brooklyn. Anyone who can make it at about 8:00pm should come out. And, by the way, its an outdoor show which I am really psyched about.
Directions to Eaglewing Farm:

Take the 15/501 South towards Pittsboro.
Go left on Mt. Carmel Church Road immediately after crossing the James Taylor Bridge.
Go roughly two miles, and make a right on Clearwater Lake Road.
Make your first right down the gravel driveway; Eaglewing Farm is the first house on the left.

The address is 1533 Clearwater Lake Road, Chapel Hill, NC, 27517.

Meanwhile, agar agar!! is chugging along with graphics and packaging. We even have a virtual band photo (see above). Blastocoel 001 will be ready soon....So some to the farm and support these awesome bike guys and listen to feltbattery outside. Bring a picnic.
I will.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good evening and welcome to the waning summer days. Iron is falling out of the sky and I am quickly approaching the first day of school. So now is a perfect time for all the various projects outside my day job life to begin to bubble.

Feltbattery will play another event as a duo on September 6th at EagleWing farm with Horseback and members of Feathers who are touring on bikes! This will be an outdoor show and promises to be tons of fun.

In other news, agar agar! is moving along and matt hart is close to finishing a print for the packaging and disc. I am psyched for this as you should be too. No promises on when this will be out.

Oh yes, a new site for feltbattery is being hatched as we speak. go peruse the pages and let me know what you think. Savor the last bits of summer and come say hello on the 6th. farewell.....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In the near future, there will be a feltbattery action at local haunt Nightlight. I will be joined by a fellow journeyman and we will be a gnawing duo. It will happen Wednesday, July 9th at 9:30pm. It will probably really start at 10:00 or so. We will be opening for Impossible Shapes from Bloomington, IN. Come and enjoy the slow breathing of summer. I will bring the locusts.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring creeps up again-flowers burst open and all the creatures come crawling out of their holes. Feltbattery has been on deep hibernation but now there are signs of a return to the surface-I am getting ready to hatch a CD of a recording from summer 2006. This will not be feltbattery business but a quartet of sun-stroked freakers rocking out one warm evening in August:
Zak (drums) came to visit from New York, Wylie (bass) had a killer hobbit hole of a space to record and Josh (guitar) had the recording setup. There were paeans to trees and plenty of hoots and somehow it all gelled. We're going to call it Agar Agar! I twisted knobs and ran tape and howled into this is going to be the first release for a 'label' that I want to birth-it will be called Blastoceol or something like that.Look out for this. I hope to work with local artists and construct some rad skins for these souvenirs. In other news, the insect recordings are being mashed and mangled and returned to me slowly. I hope to edit and mold over the summer. Finally, being a dad is best thing that has ever happened to me, endless miracles, endless mystery. I am a very lucky egg. Oh yeah, I am building a website since I ditched my Myspace page but I did post some songs on VIRB in the meantime, hope this finds the odd drifters well....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Slowly, a new set of organs are being formed-with every day their tender shape and inner workings are refined. On the outside the world bubbles on and we lucky few wrap ourselves in fatty flesh suits to make it through the cold months. Another year has passed and with it a litany of transformations. All I can do is look back with awe and thanks and look ahead with resolve and anticipation.
In the year to come I plan on finishing and releasing the swarm compositions (a patchwork sound painting derived mostly from insect recordings). I also hope to put out some tinier releases with/through friends. Live actions will also return-I look forward to finding some fresh venues and collaborators. I will return to Chicago in the Spring and reconnect with some of that city's souls. I would like to play in these locations in 2008:

1.a greenhouse
2.Wilson Library, UNC campus
3.somewhere outside of the Triangle

Beyond this my life exists in the realms of school, forest and home. All of these worlds inform one another and I sense that being a parent means as much to the world as it does to our micro-family, one deed is enlivened by another, resonating with it. So thats it-more resonance in the year of work before us.

Listening Window:

-The Lonesome Drifter
David Watson-Fingering an Idea
Yellow Swans-At All Ends
A Hawk and a Hacksaw & The Hun Hangar Ensemble-S/T
Pax Titania-Cult of the Colonist
The Aeolian String Ensemble-Lassithi
Lucky Dragons-Widows