Sunday, January 06, 2008

Slowly, a new set of organs are being formed-with every day their tender shape and inner workings are refined. On the outside the world bubbles on and we lucky few wrap ourselves in fatty flesh suits to make it through the cold months. Another year has passed and with it a litany of transformations. All I can do is look back with awe and thanks and look ahead with resolve and anticipation.
In the year to come I plan on finishing and releasing the swarm compositions (a patchwork sound painting derived mostly from insect recordings). I also hope to put out some tinier releases with/through friends. Live actions will also return-I look forward to finding some fresh venues and collaborators. I will return to Chicago in the Spring and reconnect with some of that city's souls. I would like to play in these locations in 2008:

1.a greenhouse
2.Wilson Library, UNC campus
3.somewhere outside of the Triangle

Beyond this my life exists in the realms of school, forest and home. All of these worlds inform one another and I sense that being a parent means as much to the world as it does to our micro-family, one deed is enlivened by another, resonating with it. So thats it-more resonance in the year of work before us.

Listening Window:

-The Lonesome Drifter
David Watson-Fingering an Idea
Yellow Swans-At All Ends
A Hawk and a Hacksaw & The Hun Hangar Ensemble-S/T
Pax Titania-Cult of the Colonist
The Aeolian String Ensemble-Lassithi
Lucky Dragons-Widows

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