Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring creeps up again-flowers burst open and all the creatures come crawling out of their holes. Feltbattery has been on deep hibernation but now there are signs of a return to the surface-I am getting ready to hatch a CD of a recording from summer 2006. This will not be feltbattery business but a quartet of sun-stroked freakers rocking out one warm evening in August:
Zak (drums) came to visit from New York, Wylie (bass) had a killer hobbit hole of a space to record and Josh (guitar) had the recording setup. There were paeans to trees and plenty of hoots and somehow it all gelled. We're going to call it Agar Agar! I twisted knobs and ran tape and howled into things....so this is going to be the first release for a 'label' that I want to birth-it will be called Blastoceol or something like that.Look out for this. I hope to work with local artists and construct some rad skins for these souvenirs. In other news, the insect recordings are being mashed and mangled and returned to me slowly. I hope to edit and mold over the summer. Finally, being a dad is best thing that has ever happened to me, endless miracles, endless mystery. I am a very lucky egg. Oh yeah, I am building a website since I ditched my Myspace page but I did post some songs on VIRB in the meantime, hope this finds the odd drifters well....

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