Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Twighlight of the Gods
The summer is heating everything and everyone up-Fire has purged and water has rinsed-expansion is the law of the times and we are all swept up in it. There is a tape release of Agar Agar coming out on Madison tape label Multiverse very soon. Look for this over the summer as a companion to the CD.
In other worlds, the lilies are out in full force and there is a resurgence of net-games: volleyball and badminton seem to be on the rise. The moss this year is responding to almost-daily downpours by spreading out in mounds and blankets all over the land.
My son is spouting words and chanting spontaneously. He recognizes moss and 'baby' moss, the tiny blooms that protrude from mature moss patches. He is also enjoying being naked and riding in pickup trucks.
There will be feltbattery shows this summer, Agar Agar finally released (!) and perhaps some action at Eagle Lodge # 19. So long for now.