Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good evening and welcome to the waning summer days. Iron is falling out of the sky and I am quickly approaching the first day of school. So now is a perfect time for all the various projects outside my day job life to begin to bubble.

Feltbattery will play another event as a duo on September 6th at EagleWing farm with Horseback and members of Feathers who are touring on bikes! This will be an outdoor show and promises to be tons of fun.

In other news, agar agar! is moving along and matt hart is close to finishing a print for the packaging and disc. I am psyched for this as you should be too. No promises on when this will be out.

Oh yes, a new site for feltbattery is being hatched as we speak. go peruse the pages and let me know what you think. Savor the last bits of summer and come say hello on the 6th. farewell.....

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