Saturday, September 15, 2007

Now the gnomes digest the dead husk of summer-this is our time-expositions are over for now and autumn calls me back to ferric work. I sent out a batch of rough insect recordings to my swarm. Over the next few months, as I prepare to be a father, I hope these crude messages will be translated by all the other ears and organs of friends. I am also encouraging visual art folks to start brainstorming for a multiple cover edition of the insect CD when it is released. Trevor intimated a vague plan for this but needs the capital-so that means it may take awhile. But I have plenty of time-And meanwhile, I am refining the rough recordings in anticipation of folding them back into the remixed tranmissions I recieve-All of this between failing computers and a beautiful woman with a blossoming belly. Steal yourselves-

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