Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The days are beginning to simmer and soon the strawberries will be gone. After getting acupuncture, I have the blessed feeling that the air has been let out of my tires. Vision blurs and sounds tune in and out. The approaching end of school means a return to sweat and outdoor adventures. I took a short trip up to Asheville to see old friends and found the place alien to me. There are good people there but I felt as if I was being sized up like a piece of real estate. I did talk to an old friend about bees and he explained an old technique that beekeepers are using again to attract wild bees and help them propagate. We need more of this. Our survival is linked to the fragile lives of these creatures. The ever mysterious Brian wrote a review for It Had Wings forThe Pitchfork-it feels as though people are listening and perhaps not just people. I am grateful for all the ears out there, no matter how small. I'm getting excited about the seasons changing.The world is unfolding to greet me. Best summer drink: 1 part iced yerba mate w/ honey, 1 part lemonade, 1 part water (chill and serve).


Pedro said...

Hi! I've just read the review and I guess I enjoyed the sound even before I listened to it. I'm trying to download the album right now. I'm from Brazil and I've got a band named Supercordas. We released a record called "Seres verdes ao redor", which means something like "Green Life-forms around" and it's full of crickets, frogs, backwards birds and gambás sounds. Perhaps you'll like it:

Cheers and good luck!

Pedro said...

I was right! Just checked your Myspace. The sounds are wonderful! "a house finch"... pretty impressive!