Tuesday, May 09, 2006

welcome to May. i hope everyone is having a good spring so far. it looks like 'it had wings' will be packaged and produced in mid June. Trevor is on tour until then and we figured there was no hurry. i'm excited about the release though, especially the visuals which are mutated birds and such that i drew/photocopied etc. My best of friends Jordan Lieb mastered the recordings in Brooklyn and we passed all the files back and forth in this strange computer ether world until they were just right. i suppose this is what an opossum feels like, having a baby in a pouch that's not quite ready to be birthed-so look out for an anouncement in June about how to get a hold of these little creatures....
in other news, feltbattery is still slated for a May 19th action at Local 506. the piece will be called VITRIOL and concerns the alchemical process-it will be a joint venture between myself and Jason Meeks, local filming man and epileptic drummer. we'll be playing earlier in the evening so bring the kids and come join the Great Work.

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