Thursday, May 25, 2006

hey all,
feltbattery action went off well, some magic moments, some fist-clenched 'i hate computer' moments as well. Jason's visual work dovetailed nicely with the sounds emitted. i performed on a stage (w/ a real live monitor) which was strange. all in all it was transmutation, sublime, and i got to eat a hard boiled egg in the midst of it all. The entire weekend caused a shift in the way i have been thinking about actions. Although I'm still not converted to watching 'modern dance' i did gain an insight into my own need to utilize my body during performances. basically i need to use the best instrument i have (voice/corpus) instead of depending too heavily on techno-trickery-so i have been getting to know my body again- it seems like this is also the character of spring into summer, waking up the frosted bits and getting back into the psychical.
'it had wings' is still due out in June. i made some CDRs to give out until the official packaged business is done. i gave one to my mom and she says its good music to cook to. other than that, stephanie and i are slowly amending our soil (she tilled for three evenings straight) and preparing to plant. i found a pink-bellied snake in the leaf mold pile. everything is opening, blossoming, and bubbling-black-bottomed feet summer is coming....
ps: I have given in and posted songs on mySpacE. now all my songs can be downloaded and used for diaper commercials!

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