Monday, November 13, 2006

it is raining. the earth is cooling. go to
migration media to read trevor's musings on 'it had wings' as well as his project Teith. in addition, a strange and wondrous fellow in Germany has offered to distribute my tapes, feltbattery vols. l,ll,&lll. They should be available this week from mediademorte.
Also, John from Nightpass Handmade Records says nice things here about feltbattery's sound.

I will make noises on Wednesday, November 22, at the Nightlight bar+club+love cave+apothecary as opener for Volcano the Bear. make this your last purging moment before Thanksgiving's comedy of food. these fellows are not to be missed and come from the middle of Britain for our peculiar pleasures. don't forget to layer,

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wips said...


I would like to buy "It Had Wings," but when I searched on and Insound they didn't recognize it. Can I buy it directly from you?

Thanks a lot,